Fidel Hydro: The Pioneer Behind Fidel’s Hash Hole

Fidel Hydro

Fidel Hydro, the brainchild of Shant Damirdjian, has revolutionized the cannabis industry with his unique approach and innovative products. Known for the renowned Fidel’s Hash Hole, Damirdjian has made a significant impact on cannabis enthusiasts and the market alike. This article delves into the journey of Fidel Hydro, the evolution of his brand, and the unique products that have made Fidel’s Hash Hole a household name among cannabis connoisseurs.

The Journey of Fidel Hydro

Early Beginnings

Shant Damirdjian, better known as Fidel Hydro, was born in Pasadena and spent his formative years between Lebanon and California. His introduction to the cannabis world began at the age of 18 when he worked as a stock boy in his brother Serge’s hydraulic workshop. Serge, a notable figure in the cannabis industry, owned a cannabis brand and co-founded the Cookies Maywood dispensary. He played a pivotal role in guiding Damirdjian’s early steps into cannabis cultivation.

Gaining Experience

For nine years, Damirdjian immersed himself in the grow shop, gaining invaluable knowledge about cannabis cultivation, lighting, genetics, and nutrition. This period was crucial for building his network and understanding the intricacies of the cannabis industry. His dedication and passion for the plant laid the foundation for his future ventures.

Birth of the Fidel Hydro Persona

The name “Fidel Hydro” was inspired by NBA player Kevin Durant’s Instagram handle, @easymoneysniper. Damirdjian sought a memorable moniker and adopted Fidel Hydro, a name that resonated with him and has since become synonymous with quality and innovation in the cannabis world.

The Evolution of Fidel’s Hash Hole

Conceptualization and Creation

The idea of Fidel’s Hash Hole was born during a visit to the Spannabis cannabis fair in Barcelona in 2018. Inspired by the large joints with rosin hashish rolled by California’s cannabis elite, Damirdjian envisioned combining premium six-star hash with high-quality California flowers. This blend resulted in a unique pre-roll, distinguished by a smoldering hole in the center that enhances each puff with concentrated cannabis oil.

Bringing Hash Holes to Market

Upon returning home, Damirdjian was determined to bring his creation to the mainstream market. He began hand-rolling up to 100 hash holes a day, introducing them to the California cannabis scene. In 2017, he officially launched Fidel’s Hash Hole, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the infused pre-roll category.

Product Offerings

Fidel’s Hash Hole comes in various forms and sizes, catering to diverse preferences. The two main sizes are:

  • Original Hash Holes: Contain 2.5 grams of flower and 1 gram of rosin hash.
  • Mini Hash Holes: Contain 1.5 grams of flower and 0.5 grams of rosin hash.

Additionally, the product range includes LA Family Farms Hash Hole, Hash Hole Blunt, and Fidels Hash Hole Pre-Roll. Collaborations with prominent brands like DNA Genetics have resulted in unique offerings such as DNA Genetics X Fidels Hash Holes.

Achievements and Recognition

Industry Impact

Fidel’s Hash Hole has significantly influenced the cannabis industry, particularly in the infused pre-roll category. The product’s popularity has soared, with availability in over 100 dispensaries across California. The unique smoking experience offered by hash holes has captivated cannabis enthusiasts, leading to widespread acclaim and recognition.

Notable Accomplishments

In its inaugural participation in the Transbay Challenge, Fidel’s Hash Hole’s KMZ (Kush Mints x Zkittlez) won the first flower trophy. This achievement underscores the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. Furthermore, the brand’s collaborations, such as the upcoming Fidel’s x Carrots limited edition boxes, continue to set new standards in the industry.

Future Prospects

Damirdjian envisions a bright future for Fidel’s Hash Hole. With plans to launch his flower and grower’s rosin on the licensed market later in the year, more cannabis enthusiasts will have the opportunity to experience Fidel’s exceptional products. The brand’s expansion into new collaborations and product lines promises continued growth and success.

The Fidel Hydro Philosophy

Commitment to Quality

Fidel Hydro’s success is rooted in an unwavering commitment to quality. From the selection of premium cannabis strains to the meticulous hand-rolling process, every aspect of Fidel’s Hash Hole reflects this dedication. The fresh seeds guarantee policy ensures that customers receive only the highest quality seeds, contributing to the brand’s reputation for excellence.

Building Trust

The foundation of Fidel’s Hash Hole is built on mutual trust between the brand and its customers. Damirdjian emphasizes the importance of trust, ensuring that customers can rely on the brand for top-quality products and exceptional service. This commitment to customer satisfaction has fostered a loyal and growing customer base.


Fidel Hydro, led by the visionary Shant Damirdjian, has transformed the cannabis industry with his innovative approach and premium products. From his early days in his brother’s workshop to the creation of Fidel’s Hash Hole, Damirdjian’s journey is a testament to his passion and dedication. With a focus on quality, trust, and innovation, Fidel’s Hash Hole continues to set new benchmarks in the cannabis market, offering an unparalleled experience for cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.

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