Top 20 New York Wholesale Dress store

Top 20 New York Wholesale Dress storeTop 20 New York Wholesale Dress store

Are you looking for high-quality wholesale dress stores in New York? Then you have come to the right place. You will discover what you are looking for in this article. The wholesale fashion industry is growing in the US, especially in New York, so it isn’t easy to search for high-quality dresses in this vast industry. However, we have a list of top wholesale dress stores that provide quality dresses for men and women. This article will discover a list of the best wholesale dress stores that can undoubtedly help you solve your problem for searching high-quality stuff in the market.

1. Spring import:

The first wholesale store on our list is spring import. This store is located on Broadway. The main focus of this store is women’s clothing. It is a premium wholesale store for women’s clothing. They sell clothes imported from other countries, and they are well known for their fast shipping. They sell different types of clothes like Tops, Dresses, Sleep wares, Sweaters, etc. Spring import does not manufacture their clothing; they whether to get their products from US manufacturers or foreign manufacturers. They get many huge shipments in every season. You can grab your order by going there or can order online, by simply registering on their website.

2. NY (New York) Wholesale:

This wholesale store is a clothing package as it has high-quality clothing for men, women, and kids. However, it also keeps its focus on women. It stocks its products in the US and ships from US, as it targets the US market, and its shipping can be done in 3 to 5 days. Most of their products come from manufacturers in China. NY wholesale holds a special type of sale known as a close-out sale from time to time. In this sale, the dresses are at a bargain price. The store is located at 100 W 93rd Street New York. Its timings are 10 AM to 6 PM on weekdays, and on Sunday, it is closed.

3. JPT Clothing:

JPT clothing store is a wholesale store for women’s clothing. Here you can get various clothing products for women, including dresses, leggings, tops, bottoms, skirts, etc. it is one of the finest clothing stores, which offers a discount for bulk purchases. You can get a 3 percent discount on the purchase of 700 bucks, and you can get an 8 percent discount on the purchase of 5000+ dollars. You need to contact them before placing an order; they deliver all over US except Alaska and Hawaii. The timing of the store is 9-6; however, on Friday, the timing changes to 8-4. This store is located at 47 W 36th street New York.

4. Joor:

It is a digital dress store. They not only operate in New York, but they also have an office in Los Angeles. It is a platform for brands. For those retailers who place big orders, it is best. It is free to join joor. They offer you an end to end service. They provide you an efficient management system for the retailers, so you can easily track the inventory. The head quarter of Joor is located in Broadway, New York.

5. NY women’s:

NY women’s is a wholesale store that sells dresses and hosts fashion shows to support the fashion industry in various places in New York. They provide quality and premium clothes. You have to attend the event for ordering dresses. However, you can call the company for bulk order, other than the event. To attend the event, you first have to register yourself and work with the brands and place orders. Other than that, you can’t order online like other stores and platforms.

6. Bazar New York:

Bazaar New York is another exceptional wholesale dress store. Bazaar New York provides clothing for men, women, and children. The store is located in New York. It is also known as LA showroom. They offer a special deal known as Rewards Network, which provides the customers a 100 dollars coupon on a purchase of 10,000 dollars. They sell various famous brands in their store like her clothes, Strut and Bolt, Avenue Zoe, and Chris & Carol. Other than clothes, they also offer footwear, accessories, and bags.

7. The RealReal:

This company is a consignment shop, which is located in Soho, New York. They sell clothing for men, women, and children. They sell premium brands like Gucci, Burberry, etc. You first have to sign up on their website to place an order. You can get membership in just 10 dollars, which will allow you to get updated about the new arrivals in the store.

8. Royals Boutique:

It is a physical store. It is located in the old country road New York. They have various product lines, and most of their business is white label business. They have unique and fascinating women’s clothing. They sell dresses, tops, skirts, pants, jackets, etc. They don’t entertain refunds. However, they give you the leverage of exchanging clothes if they are damaged, within 15 days.

9. Grown and Sewn:

Grown and Sewn is a dedicated wholesale store, it has many product categories, but their main focus is men’s and women’s clothing. They have innovative and distinct products, and they don’t compromise on the quality. This store is located in Franklin Street, New York. Their signature product is pants. Their pants are well known in the fashion industry. They reshaped the way people look at khaki. You can order online, and they deliver their product not only in the US but also in other countries.

10. Jasmine Trading Corporation:

JTC is a physical store located in Ridgewood, New York. They provide a variety of fashion items for men, women, teens, and children. However, they mainly focus on women’s clothing. They have competitive designs and quality products. They have international level fashion style items. To place an order, you have to be a member and create an account. They offer amazing discounts, also. For retailers, it is the best way to buy clothes in bulk quantity. They offer a 3 percent discount on 300 dollars purchase, 5% on 500 dollars, and 10% on 1000 dollars. Their timing is 8-5.

11. Cockpit USA:

 It is doesn’t limit itself for being only a store but a brand itself. It is located in Mid Town, New York, and it is open to visitors from Monday to Friday. It offers jackets, clothing for men. It is a niche brand, as it is for those men who love planes and jets. Other than clothes for men, they sell other accessories like watches, bags, sunglasses, hats, etc. They also sell clothes for women and children. However, they focus on man clothing.

12. Robert James:

 Robert James is a wholesale store. Robert James is a handsome and straightforward brand that offers fancy and fascinating fashion for high ends and average, which have a different taste in fashion. They provide a variety of clothing for men like t-shirts, custom made suits, etc. for wholesale. This store is located on the city’s lower side, Orchard Street. This famous brand chooses to have traditional designs; however, it still finds a way to do innovation in these designs. They give discounts on bulk purchases.

13. Lunik Apparel:

If you search for New York’s best fashion clothing, then Lunik apparel is the place to be. It is a wholesale store. However, it is based in the Los Angeles district. It sells fancy fashion dresses for young women. They have all the latest designs available, and retailers can pre-order the latest styles. Lunik apparel meets all the requirements for being an iconic brand. It offers 5% discounts for its new customer on their first order. It is open from Monday to Friday. Its timings are 8:30 to 5:30.

14. Adidas America incorporation:

This company is globally a well-known company. They are producers and distributors. It provides men, women, and kid’s sportswear. They believe that sportswear should be available for everyone, as they think sports can influence changing lives. They have all sizes and fitting available for everyone. They sell types of clothes like hoodies, pants, tracksuit, and other sportswear. They offer discounts for bulk purchases plus free shipping. They deliver all around the world. The store is located in 5th avenue New York.

15. RDG global:

This company is a designer and manufacturer; they mainly focus on junior, girls, women’s apparel. RDG is a renowned company internationally. They are growing day today in the fashion industry. They have partnered up with the retailer to sell their brand and promote their brand. The four prominent labels of RDG Company are freshmen, All@once, Jessica Simpson, and Cloud chaser. They have the best quality fabric and flawless designs in their products. They are introducing plus size fittings in their products for women, which is an appreciable step. One of the flaws of this enormous company is that they only deal with leading retailers, which cause other retailer problems and never get in the competition with a leading retailer.

16. Brand Distribution:

This company not only operates in New York, but their office is in Italy also. In New York, they are located on Madison Avenue. They are the premier source of online and offline commerce. They are leading in B2B designer clothing worldwide. They sell famous brands like Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Puma, and other brands. They have almost 120 renowned brands to offer. They have quality merchandise. They have invested in efficient logistics. That’s why they have a variety of clothing in their warehouse, ready to be shipped. They offer men and women clothing, including young teenagers’ formal wear. They have a high price of clothes. They give you the leverage of discounts for bulk purchases and drop shipping.

17. Eli-bet incorporation:

It is a wholesale store that offers clothing for women. They are famous for their trendy styles in the industry. They are a source of quality dresses for boutiques in US and around the world. They have various clothing for women to offer; the buyer will experience modern and latest design here.

They offer quality and efficient services to the client, you place your order, and the package will be soon delivered at your doorstep. This store is located in Manhattan.

18. Lara:

Lara is the perfect store for you if you are looking for a unique event dress or prom dress.  This store is located at 49C West 37th street in New York. They have the finest quality, hand-beaded dresses for unique like a bridal dress, social event dresses, prom dresses, etc. They are well-known for their elegant designs. Their dresses are hand-made like gowns, adding more details in the dress. It is a global brand, and it has clients worldwide (in major cities). They are keen to bond with the retailer, so it is a good option for retailers.

19. Jonah’s Enterprises:

 It is a brand name; they have a wholesale dress store. It is located at 383 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn, New York. They sell some of the most delicate quality dresses. This store is very famous among people because they have reasonable prices for their products. They provide all types of clothing lines like shoes, bags, accessories for men and women. They also give a discount on bulk purchases. They value their clients worldwide, which is a good thing for them. They are efficient in their services, and most of the clients are satisfied with them.

20. Volume Apparel Group:

Last but not least, Volume Apparel Group, they are an off-price apparel company. They grew very quickly because it is an off-price apparel company. It is located at 1407 Broadway #2311, New York. They are the best option for retailers because they target retailers of small and large orders. From a package of 12 pieces to a full truckload of stock, they sell to every retailer type. This company started in a basement, and now they have 85,000 square foot warehouse. They sell clothing for men, women, and Kids. They also sell used clothes. They give a discount on bulk purchases, and you can bargain on the prices with them. They also have a return policy. But they will provide you with the coupon for future purchases instead of money. The shipping is free for orders over 300 dollars in US continent. Overall it is the best option for retailers to shop from here.

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