How Do You Avoid People Switching Sides On Their Accident Statements?

How Do You Avoid People Switching Sides On Their Accident Statements

Accidents happen every day, and there are multiple types of people you might have to deal with. You might think that after an accident, the opposing party will immediately apologize to you and pay for your expenses. But,  it happens very frequently that they entirely choose to give a fake statement, and it could be used against you. Many drivers find themselves in these situations and worry their licenses will be taken. So they start lying about the incident. To learn more, visit the Rockford auto accident attorney.

What Are The Two Major Steps That Can Be Taken?

1. Make sure you report the incident to the police.

Remember that a guilty person would never want to call the police since they may investigate the scene and determine who is telling the truth and who is not. After the collision, immediately call the police and wait for them to arrive. The police will come, record details of the accident scene, take photos, gather and preserve physical evidence, speak with witnesses, get statements from you, etc.

Taking all of this is part of the crash report. Do not listen to the opposing party’s advice, and contact the police right away. If someone else caused the accident that injured you, you need a competent attorney to fight your claim, but keep in mind that the driver who was to blame will not stop lying. After the incident, get legal counsel as quickly as you can and save all of the evidence.  

2. Try not to move the vehicles.

After the accident, you should speak with the other party. The responsible person could entirely lie about what happened or what caused the accident to happen. The most common suggestion people will give you is to move the car to a more secure location. Keep your and the other party’s car in their current locations to protect the evidence. It will be easier for the police to determine who was at fault.

Get ready to protect evidence instead of getting into conflict or argument with them in the middle of the road. Do not move the vehicles from their current location. They will show whose fault it was if kept in place. Pay attention to their movements; they might drive their vehicle slightly or do something that might look like you were at fault. Keep the accident scene as it is so that the police can investigate it quickly without getting confused.

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